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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Bring back.. Blast Corps

Title: Blast Corps
Developer: Rare
Format: N64
Released: 1997

Time to get moving!

Let's face it. These days most N64 games look like arse. In fact, they looked like arse back in the 90's as well. Chunky polygons, low-resolution textures and endless pea-soup fog everywhere were a regular occurrence in many N64 releases, and the severe storage restrictions that the console's cartridges presented meant that there was no real option to include flashy FMV cut-scenes or high quality audio. Good game-play was key then. And there was one game that had it in absolute spades.

Blast Corps was a pretty unique title from Rare. You took control of a variety of different vehicles such as a bulldozer, a muscle car and a giant mech suit and were tasked with clearing a path for a nuclear missile carrier. In order to do so you would use each vehicles individual abilities to smash up everything that lay in the carrier's way. One of the mech suits for example could zoom up into the air and then come crashing back down, smashing it's giant robotic arm into buildings. While the tricky to handle but thoroughly satisfying to master dumper truck could perform handbrake turns into structures in order to destroy them.

As you worked your way through the game the difficulty of the stages increased. Tighter time limits and puzzles that required the use of multiple vehicles made for a frantic and challenging experience, especially if you were going for all the medals and 100% completion.

Sadly given that Rare are no longer the all-conquering development power house that they were during the N64 era there's little chance of Blast Corps being revived. But just imagine how incredible it would look today with the power that the PS4, Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch are packing under their hoods! And it's not just the graphics that would be vastly improved. The number of stages could be increased ten-fold, with even more new stages being made available for download as optional DLC. Then there's the addition of added rumble support which the original game sadly didn't have. If any game lends itself to some decent rumble-action Blast Corps is it!

What are your memories of Blast Corps? Let us know in the comments section below!

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