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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Review: Rad Rodgers - PS4

Rad Rodgers is a platform game that bears a striking visual resemblance to Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. But whereas the aforementioned Giana Sisters is an often punishing and frustrating game to try and get through, Rad Rodgers offers a far less gruelling challenge.

You take on the role of Rad Rodgers. A young gaming fan with a level of 'tude taken straight from a 1990's Nickelodeon cartoon. You're joined on your journey by Dusty, a wise-cracking contraption that you'll take charge of during a number of puzzles within each stage. Although these thankfully don't interrupt the action too often, but do offer a welcome relief from the often hectic platforming action.

Rad starts the game armed with a basic laser blaster which he can use to take down the many different enemies that block the way forward. This can be swapped out as you progress through the game for a number of different weapons such as a rapid-fire gun, flame gun and a rocket launcher.

The idea of the game is to work your way through each level, collecting gemstones, blasting enemies and hunting for 4 special exit tokens that will allow you to open the door at the end of the level and move on to the next. There's ropes to swing on, poles to climb and countless numbers of platforms to jump between in order to progress. Anyone that ever played a platform game back in the SNES and MegaDrive era will instantly feel right at home here.

The visual style of the game certainly has that 16 bit feel and everything is generally well presented throughout. The only thing that let's Rad Rodgers down is the sound. You'll end up hearing the same one liners over and over again and there's a lot of really crass and childish soundbites in the mix that'll make you cringe whenever you hear them.

That aside, Rad Rodgers is certainly well worth your attention if you're a fan of the platforming genre. Just don't dive in expecting an experience as rich as the Mario games.

Version played: PS4
Available on: PS4, PC, XB1
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