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A look at the Hackson Football League's structure and creation

I missed the XFL and AAFL — specifically the scrappy no bodies trying to make it— so I took on the project of creating a league like them in madden. The league features 20 brand new teams, completely edited rosters, a few legends back for one last crack, and a number of systems and rules I put in place. I’ll be streaming games from it sometimes. Here’s the teams:

(Note that 20 relocations is maximum so I kept 12 NFL clubs that have not won a super bowl)

New Teams:

Brooklyn Barons

Oklahoma City Lancers

San Diego Crusaders

Salt Lake City Pioneers

Memphis Egyptians

Columbus Caps

Sacramento Condors

Portland River Hogs

Toronto Thunder Birds

Chicago Tigers

Austin Armadillos

London Bulldogs

London Monarchs

Mexico City Golden Eagles

Dublin Celtic Tigers

Orlando Orbits

Houston Gunners

San Antonio Dreadnoughts

Things I did to create this:

• Edited the age of every single player over 85 to forty so that they would retire, giving the league a non NFL vibe. Each team kept any player 75 and below to provide a base.

• Conducted a manual “Heroes Draft” where each team nominated a single player to keep from their nfl roster, then drafted them randomly from a heroes pool (32 picks). These players are the most dangerous on the field given past nfl experience.

• Conducted a manual “Mercenaries” draft where teams selected from free agents. This went 100 picks.

• Created a set of has-Beens and busts that could do very well against lesser competition, Despite age: names like Michael Vick, Tim Tebow, Brett Farve, Terrell Owens (they were drafted as mercenaries too)

• Simmed the pre-relocation season so that teams moved.

• Held a classic rookie draft of over 100+ picks, all generated players to add to the vibe of non NFL.

• Ensuring that anytime an NFL Remnant team takes the field, the do so in non-typical uniforms (like the Cardinals shown below)


The result is that every team is about 68-72 overall.

Honestly, this took days and Hours of work but I’m happy I did it. Pictured for now are the divisions and a few players.

I will be writing in depth articles on

The league for my personal website I’m soon to launch.

The NFL is Dead. Welcome to The Hackson Football League. It’s kickoff day is today. You can watch me play as the London Bulldogs in the International division, and occasionally watch cpu teams battle, building up new stars and new rivalries all on my Twitch at www.twitch.tv/axelhackson


There were two carried over brands from the nfl that also relocated to new cities.

• Oakland* Raiders

• St.Louis Saints

Remnant Franchises: criteria is no super bowls in nfl.

•Houston Texans

• Los Angeles Chargers

• Cleveland Browns

• Cincinnati Bengals

• Houston Texans

• Jacksonville Jaguars

• Tennessee Titans

• Buffalo Bills

•Detroit Lions

• Minnesota Vikings

• Atlanta Falcons

• Carolina Panthers

•Arizona Cardinals

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